Friday, October 30, 2009

98 KUPD Music News--Shan Man Style

Here's the music news for this week/next week. I have a feeling that no one is really going to care about the music news into the Halloween weekend just because they are too concerned about the Phillies/Yankees game. That's WHAT I THINK.

  • If you were expecting a new ROB ZOMBIE album in the next few weeks, you are sorely mistaken at this point. Robbie has decided to sign with a new label (Roadrunner Records) and has (somewhat) thrown his former label (Geffen) under the bus by saying that Geffen wasn't ready to release his album. Thus Roadrunner has the big balls these days and will promote the new Hellbilly Deluxe 2 album how ROB wants it to be promoted. Sounds to me that Rob is taking a page out of Axl Rose's book. Any takers on a release date of the new HBD2 album in 2010?
  • THE STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will release a NEW album in early 2010 after they stop playing State Fairs. In other news, SLIPKNOTis in talks to play Cliff Castle Casino in early December.
  • It seems that the FOO FIGHTERS Greatest Hits album is on schedule for a release on November 3, 2009. Grohl said this song ("Word Forward") was inspired by words, metaphors, and similes of his other songs made from those same literary devices. He further noted that one particular word of this song was inspired when he stubbed his toe on the corner of his banister. File this one under: SONGS THAT HAVE THE WORD F*CK.

  • FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH have streamed a YouTube video of their song "Dying Breed", coming off their latest effort War is the Answer. I'd show you the video, but YouTube has told me that a Democracy like America isn't privileged enough when it comes to copyright restrictions that other countries don't have to follow. Personally, I love my freedoms so back the f*ck up YouTube. It's ok, I'm Socialist and I'll bit torrent that sh*t.
  • Remember the scene in DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE when there was a fat bomb squad diffuser who was in a school, sitting in front of a plastic 55-gallon Aunt Jemimah Syrup bomb, all the while rubbing powdered sugar on his hands and face? Remember that? Remember when his captain Skyped him and told him to get out of the school because John McLane hadn't acquired a secret code from Hans Gruber's brother? And do you remember the fat bomb squad diffuser told his captain that he wasn't going to leave the school when he found out there were still kids in the school? THEN do you remember he cuts the Skype call off cappy, pulls out his trusty Snap-On wire cutters and quivers to the countdown timer, "No guts, no glory..."? Well, this is the name of AIRBORNE's new album--No Guts, No Glory to drop in stores on February 23, 2010. No points awarded to the person who stands in line wearing powdered sugar on his upper lip and holding Eggo Waffle syrup the night the album drops. That's just gay.
  • Everyone has an iPhone app these days: 98 KUPD, ROCK BAND, and now ALICE IN CHAINS. The new AIC app doesn't reincarnate LAYNE STALEY, but it does have some cool features like: full songs from the latest album, Black Gives Way to Blue, music videos, news, photos, social networking, and its level of HIGH INTERACTIVITY. Evidently there are hidden visual gems within the app that are worth a gander.
  • If it weren't bad enough when BUCKCHERRY came out with "Crazy Bitch", NICKELBACK is coming out with it's 2009 version of the same type of song called "Shakin' Hands". Gentlemen, you can thank me now when you find your future ex-wife dancing on a pole at Applebee's.
  • SLIPKNOT/STONE SOUR'S FRONTMAN COREY TAYLOR confirmed that he DID try out for VELVET REVOLVER when former frontman, SCOTT WEILAND, departed the band. Taylor said, "I had a meeting with those guys , we did some demos together, and it just didn’t work — for whatever reason.” I have a feeling that it was because SLASH and DUFF weren't too keen on the idea of adding 7 other members to the stage and MATT didn't want to have to take on the extra duties to bang on trash cans.


  • When you step back into your alter ego life and say, "What would I do to make the world a better place?", you're probably saying that you would solve world hunger. Right? Well, PAPA ROACH is actually taking it upon themselves to contribute to that EXACT CAUSE by partnering up with WHY(World Hunger Year). It came out earlier this year that lead singer, JACOBY SHADDIX, was homeless as a child and and the rest of the members of the band are trying to raise funds and awareness to poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Remember, he's only doing it THIS YEAR.
  • As a 147 year old man, OZZY OSBOURNE has finally admitted to not being a perfect human being. However, you may be able to see him give out body parts at his next show as he was quoted, "I want to give the audience my heart and soul every night, but sometimes I pull it off and sometimes I don't," he says. "We're human. I don't use any tricks, I don't lip synch my voice, what you see is what you get. I've done my fair share of bad gigs, and I'm not embarrassed to say that."
  • And now, METALLICA, ROB ZOMBIE, TOOL and SHAN MAN OF 98 KUPD will share their thoughts on Halloween:
TOOL and PUSCIFER frontman Maynard James Keenan said that he enjoys Halloween because it's more than just costumes and trick or treating. "It's an interesting season to me, having done a little research on it," he said. "It's an interesting holiday. I recommend that people really kind of dive into some more of the origins of, you know, why the jack-o-lantern on the porch and why the trick or treat — why the door to door. What is that all about? It really is an interesting story."

METALLICA's James Hetfield shares an embarrassing childhood memory about a costume he once had to wear: "I wanted to be Batman, but my mom made me a suit. You know, she was good at sewing, and she made me this thing, and I was like a giant tiger with the ears and everything. (laughs) Oh my God! There's a picture of me at school in the, you know, the school picture, and I got this goofy outfit on with the little whiskers and everyone else is like cowboys and stuff, and I'm sittin' there in my tiger outfit, and I don't think it was what I wanted to be. But that's what happened. (laughs)"

Rob Zombie, of course, is an expert on all things Halloween — after all, he's even made two movies named after the holiday — but he also happens to know his Halloween candy as well. He revealed his favorite on a recent conference call with reporters. "Candy corn is my favorite and I usually get very excited when I see it on the shelves, which they usually start laying out the Halloween stuff first week of August," he said. "So pretty much by the second week of August, I never want to see candy corn again, so . . . usually by the time I buy it, I open the bag in the car in the parking lot, on the way home, and by the time I get home I'm disgusted with myself for eating it. The days of gorging on Halloween candy are long gone."

Shan Man of 98 KUPD never gets to go out on Halloween because he's working the airwaves every year, but he shared a unique story that you wouldn't expect to see any night of the year during the season of costumes: "One year I got off work and I went to some bar in Scottsdale. It was crazy because when I walked into that Old Town bar, I found about 33 chicks all dressed as skanky nurses, police officers, and vixens showing off their fake tits. I approached each and every one of them to let them know that I dug their boobs and that they should know that this one-time-a-year event is so special that they should take me home to f*ck the man-candy out of me. Strangely enough, I got denied each time when these classy women found out I only had 3 dollars to my name, I didn't wear an Ed Hardy t-shirt, and drove a Corolla."

Happy Halloween!



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  2. Tina, what's with the names? You're just mad because you couldn't come up with this stuff yourself. :P~~~


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