Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Listening to 98 KUPD on your Android Phone

I'm going to be straight with you guys, this isn't an "OFFICIAL" thing that has come out of the 98 KUPD studios, but I was playing with my iTouch and found the website that streams 98 KUPD for both iPhone/Touch and Android.


1. Make this address a favorite in your Android Web Browser:

2. Once you've made the page a favorite, save the favorite to your desktop (or for those who really want to start listening, you can click on the link and you'll be directed to listen). Once saved to your desktop, you can tap the shortcut to start the music player.

3. Once the music player is open, you'll want to swipe your finger down to bring up the NOTIFICATION page that shows you when you have text messages. You'll see that you are streaming the station--touch the link again and you'll be directed back to the player (I have found that when you do this you are able to have the station streaming in the background while you work with your applications).

4. From this point, you can push the HOME (the little house) BUTTON and you can see your desktop and 98 KUPD will run in the background.

5. To stop listening, you must go back to the player and press the PAUSE button. Once your stream is paused, you can click the HOME BUTTON and you are back to your desktop.

Be aware that the stream does run down your battery, so have it plugged in or a full charge if you want to listen for a while.

If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter, Facebook or email:

Twitter: @shanman98

I'm easier to get a hold of on Twitter and Facebook!


Shan Man


  1. Got this working on the N900 in the internet radio station app. Listening to KUPD all day now.

  2. I use XiiaLive app for Android. You can enter the above URL into the favorites section and stream it online. Easiest way to do it on an Android device.

  3. Hey Daniel thanks for the heads up now I am not tied to my car or any various computers that I might have around me.


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